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Maggie L
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random Graphics Notes

As long as there is local tv news, I will never run out of blog material.

Ok. Full screen graphics should enhance the story, not detract. Don't let cutesy graphics get in the way. If they don't help you understand the story, ditch them, even if they are cool. For example, (toy-like) cars to illustrate what happened in an accident. Try writing the copy in the most simple terms without graphics. As in- "Police say the red sportscar cut off a blue pickup, causing the pickup to hit a third car." Do you have video? A lot of times, the crash scene is going to illustrate the accident better than the graphics you can cook up. Most of us do not have access to high end "Dateline" animations, so K.I.S.S.

Second, let's talk about graphics over video. This is super cool when done effectively. This can include "ots" type graphics over one side of the video and big fat banners over the bottom. Tell your editor that you will be applying these graphics. That way, you won't miss something under the graphics. For example, imagine video of firefighter with hose putting out fire. Sadly, firefighter can't be seen under graphics covering left third of screen. All you can see if graphics, hose and fire. Nice. Ditto live shots. Let photog know if you will be popping anything up that will impact his or her framing.

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