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Maggie L

Maggie L
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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Two reporters, one live location

Sometimes you need team coverage but you only have the one truck. Avoid the hand-off. That's two reporters standing next to each other and one hands the mic to the other on air. Have one reporter toss back to the studio and make like Gumby and strech. Is there some vo you can put in there to assist? It doesn't take long to change out reporters but have some time built in because you want the photog to also change up the shot. Otherwise, it's like magic, you toss back out to exactly the same shot, but surprise, there's new reporter there. Have the photog pan to the left or the right. Pivot a little. Anything to change it up just a touch. At night, this may involve setting up two sets of lights. Can another photog help out? You may not have two trucks, but maybe someone else can donate some lights, maybe somebody who isn't doing a liveshot but is still on the clock. Maybe the overnight guy can come in a little early to help.

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