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Maggie L
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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Rewarding Enthusiasm

We all encourage reporters to bring story ideas into the meeting. Then what happens when they bring one? Lukewarm response. Not sexy enough. I suggest that if a reporter is really excited about a story they bring in, let them do it, even if you're not wild about the story. For starters, it will encourage them to bring in more stories. It will allow them a little control of their own destiny. Also, you might just be suprisedwith the final story-- there have been lots of times when a reporter has gone out on a project they pitched that turned into a really good story-- just because the reporter was dedicated to showing everyone who was lukewarm what a good story it was. How often can you say that about the shooting or Chester-the-Molester stories?

And how about photogs? How many times has a photog hussled to get a story only to have it not make the show? If they come to you and say it's a good story and they got you extra stuff, throw them a bone and find fifteen seconds in your show for it. It will make them feel like their effort is worthwhile and it'll probably make your show look a little better.

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