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Maggie L
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Story Idea: Recruiting Station Shooting

We're working the shooting that happened at a recruiting station yesterday in Little Rock. Thought of a couple stories that could be easy to turn in any market. One-- how are people at your local recruiting station feeling? Some guy just randomly shows up and starts shooting, allegedly because the two men were in uniform-- it would certainly give me pause if I were working at a recruiting station.

A second idea-- the victims were part of a program called the "Hometown Recruiting Assistance Program". It takes new soldiers and sends them back to their hometowns to help recruit. Generally the soliders are just back from basic-- so it's kind of like-- look how I've changed and grown in just two months. The programs last for two weeks and then the soldiers are off for more training. Might be intestesting to see if there are recruits doing this program in your area.

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