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Maggie L
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Friday, August 31, 2007

The Coming Apocalypse

I hate the term "white stuff." It's o.k. to say "snow" four times in your script because that's what it is. You needn't be cute about it. As a show producer, if I ever saw "white stuff" anywhere in the scripts, I'd strike it out and rant at the writer who wrote it. One of my arguments ran like this, "Have you ever, ever in your life heard someone actually say 'white stuff?' No you have not! Because people don't actually talk like that! So don't put it in your script!" Then I'd run off in a rage and drink another Mountain Dew.

Here's how I know the Apolcalypse is coming. The other day I was on a plane and struck up a conversation with the guy next to me. I told him I had moved from Philadelphia to Dallas. He said, "I bet you sure don't miss the white stuff, do you?" AHHHHHHHH!

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Anonymous said...

Yikes... that's exactly what Ron, our assistant news director in Cincinnati, used to say! "Nobody actually uses the words 'white stuff'". You are channeling Ron! Just please don't start repeating what Steve (you know who I'm talking about) used to say and do to interns.