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Maggie L
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Contracts: Good for producers?

Are contracts a good deal for producers? I say no way. I have never signed a contract, nor will I. A contract for anchors and reporters is one thing-- they can actually negotiate pay, clothing allowance, etc. For producers, it's just a way to keep us in one place-- and you're generally not getting more money in the bargain. Contracts for producers I think got popular because there's such big turnover. And with good reason. Producers, even bad ones, are hard to find. Hire a good producer and they're likely to get offers to produce in bigger markets or they get promoted into management either at their own or another station.

My take? Don't sign a producer contract. Or at least, never sign anything more than one or two years! You're worth is based on your ability to pick up and leave. It is the only negotiating power you have.

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