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Maggie L
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Nothing Good Happens on Facebook

You've probably heard about the anchor and producer who got into a fight in Charlotte. In the article below....

Anchor Brien Blakely out at Fox Charlotte - CharlotteObserver.com

...it says the fight started beause of a posting the producer made on Facebook.

A former boss of mine says "Nothing good happens on Facebook."
I love Facebook.
You love Facebook.
We'd sooner cut of a finger than close our accounts.
But please use some sense. Use the rule I learned way back in the dark ages when email was first coming to my newsroom: "Never write anything you wouldn't want the world to read." You may think your privacy settings allow only friends, but some of you have 8000 friends and do you really know them all that well? Always assume there's someone out there you wouldn't want reading your innermost thoughts and act accordingly. Don't post anything embarassing about yourself or others. Pretend a current or potential employer can read your page. Or, pretend your mom can read your page. Better yet- friend her. That will make you think twice before saying or posting something that could come back to haunt you.

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