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Maggie L
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Guest Segments

Maybe you do guest segments/ satellite interviews with movie or TV actors. It is really important to run a clip early--- sound full-- of whatever project they are talking about. So it could go like this...

((Sot full/Movie X-- quick 5 sec clip))

Anchor: Movie X is out is theaters now. It is about blah blah blah. John Smith, who stars in Movie X, is with us now. John, before we talk to you about your role-- let's check out a little clip from the movie.

((Sot full//Movie X-- longer clip 30 sec))

Anchor/Actor continue with intv.


Why do it this way? Why do a lenghthy clip full before you even interview the guy? It is because you want buy in from the viewer. If I haven't seen the movie or show, why do I want to see a whole two minutes about it. Giving viewers a clip of the movie gives people a taste of what it is about and sparks interest. Also, it provides a nice jumping off point for your interview-- they can talk about what happened in the clip. The interview feels more organic and fluid.

Finally, be careful to watch the audio when rolling clips during the interview. If it is too loud, it can be really distracting.

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