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Maggie L

Maggie L
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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Great Expectations

People, generally, aren't idiots. But they're also not mind readers. The clearest way to help someone do their job well is to clarify what you expect. If needed, and esepcially with people who are new on the job or new to working with your organization, walk them through a time line of exactly how you'd do their job. Be clear to the point of absurdity, even when you think-- of course they must already know this. You know much more than you give yourself credit for and not everyone is familiar with the short hand it's taken you years to accumulate. Sometimes it's as easy as asking a couple questions, "Did you want me to do xyz or did you want to do that?"

It's so easy to assume people know what you want. It's easier to actually get what you want if you're specific.

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