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Maggie L

Maggie L
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tossing to Pressers

If you have a breaking news situation and a presser is starting, the toss into it is better the shorter it is. As in "The presser's starting. Let's listen in to what the Chief/Mayor/Prosecutor has to say." I realize that this is mostly out of your control-- anchors are generally ad libbing these tosses, but nothing is more frustrating than seeing the press conference, watching the man or woman's lips move knowing that they're giving the latest information, but instead you hear the anchor telling you you're about to hear the latest information, even as you are missing it.

Triple Check Fonts

Here's a real life example why you absolutely need to double and triple check any chryon or full screen graphic that makes the air.

Ouch. It pains me to even see it.